Jayne Kinley Early Childhood Consulting acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Sovereign people of  Australia. JKC pays respect to Elders, past, present and emerging, and recognises the valuable contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have made and continue to make to Australian and International communities. 

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Learning Frameworks
for Australia

Learning Frameworks for Australia explores Belonging, Being & Becoming, the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, and My Time Our Place, the Framework for School Age Care in Australia. These sessions take early childhood and out of school hours professionals through the Principles, Practices and Learning Outcomes of the frameworks, and highlight their connections with the 7 Quality Areas of the National Quality Standard.   

Partnerships for Learning and Wellbeing

Partnerships for Learning and Wellbeing explores how to establish and sustain effective partnerships with families, and relevant community members, professionals and  organisations, to promote the best possible outcomes for children.  

Your Customised

Sessions can provide a broad understanding of the topics being explored, or can offer participants a series of more specific learning experiences. Jayne can also prepare sessions specifically tailored to suit your requirements.  

National Quality
Children's Outdoor

Children's Outdoor Environments explores aspects of these important places, including environmental education, and the importance of establishing family and community connections in design.


The multiple dimensions of sustainability are explored and services are invited to prepare a sustainability management plan that will motivate and strengthen their approach to practices for sustainability. 

Professional learning programs explore the many aspects of the National Quality Framework, and are designed to assist educators in their awareness and understanding of the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations, including the National Quality Standard, and the quality improvement, and assessment and rating processes. 


Sessions can be delivered in workshop, seminar, or professional conversation formats, and are designed to explore:

  • the principles, practices and outcomes of the learning frameworks for Australia, and their connection with the expected practices of the National Quality Standard

  • the environments offered to children, and how they are created, utilised and evaluated

  • outdoor and nature-based learning experiences offered to children from birth

  • the multiple dimensions of sustainability 

  • essential partnerships for inclusive and connected learning.   


Customised sessions can also be designed to meet your particular commitments and interests. 

Please contact Jayne to arrange an appointment. 


The National Quality Framework takes participants through the new regulatory requirements for education and care services, including the Law, Regulations and the National Quality Standard. Sessions explore the necessary preparation for assessment and rating, and include the approach to self assessment, and the quality improvement planning process.